Gravel Road

Advisory Workgroups

The Program and Center jointly maintain several advisory groups to help steer various aspects of the Dirt and Gravel Road Program. The groups are made up of a mixture of staff from Conservation Districts, Program, Center, DEP, and others. The groups are advisory only, and any recommended actions affecting the Program must be acted upon by the State Conservation Commission.

Education and Outreach

This advisory workgroup handles issues related to the 2-day Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance training course, the Annual Maintenance Workshop, technical assistance, and GIS development and training issues.

Policy and Planning

This advisory workgroup handles Programmatic issues and policy recommendations to the Conservation Commission. These issues include Program allocations, spending policies, document review, Quality Assurance / Quality Control, and more.

Product and Process

The Product and Process workgroup meets on an as-needed basis to address issues relating to practices and products used on sites within the Dirt and Gravel Road Program. Some of the group's recent issues include changes to the Driving Surface Aggregate Specification and an overhaul of the product approval process that allow products such as dust suppressants to be used within the Program.