DCNR Bureau of Forestry DSA/Aggregate

Driving Surface Aggregate (DSA) is a well-graded, unbound mixture of aggregate designed for use as a wearing course on unpaved roads. DSA is designed to achieve maximum density to resist erosion and traffic wear. Properly installed DSA roads will have greatly reduced sediment loss and maintenance cycles.

The 4” minus material has been designed specifically for the DCNR Bureau of Forestry. This material is designed the be utilized as a compactable road fill that exhibits the qualities of DSA, but utilizing larger stone sizes to create a stable platform for the future placement of DSA.

Reference Documents

  • DCNR DSA Specification and Certification (263 KB): Notarized form to certify stone from a quarry. Includes DSA specification. For use by PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. (6/20)

  • 4” Minus Specification (434 KB): Specification and certification for use in purchasing 4” minus material. Notarized form to certify stone from a quarry. (6/20)

  • DSA Tech Bulletin (687 KB): A summary of the Center-developed DSA. Includes material specification, sampling and testing, preparation for placement, placement, compaction, maintenance, and other considerations. (1/21)

Other Aggregate Reference Documents