Gravel Road

Crowfield Road Aggregate Performance Study

To evaluate common surface aggregates and placement methods to determine the most durable and cost-effective unpaved road surfacing practices.


PA Bureau of Forestry. This was a Masters of Science thesis by a Center employee.


The study was completed in 2006. The write up was completed in 2007.


Three commonly used surface aggregates, 2A, 2RC, and Driving Surface Aggregate(DSA) were placed side-by-side on Crowfield Road in Centre County. Each of the three aggregates was placed using two placement methods (tailgating and paver-placement) for a total of six test sections. These sections were monitored for changes in road surface elevation and shape for three years.

A paver places DSA on Crowfield Road in 2002.
A paver places DSA on Crowfield Road in 2002.

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