The Center periodically presents topic-specific webinars directed at Conservation District personnel.  Webinars typically include 20-30 minutes of presentation followed by Q&A.  Webinars are free, and anyone can join without creating an account.  Paste webinar recordings and presentations are provided below for District educational use.

  • Webinar Link: https://meeting.psu.edu/cdgrs/ (no registration needed if you sign in as a guest)

  • Phone Line: 866-823-7699 (audio will also be provided on webinar, phone line provided as backup for anyone experiencing difficulty with webinar audio, or for anyone who wishes to ask a question directly)

Upcoming Webinars

  • TBD - Stream Crossing Policy Clarifications: Clearing up some common misunderstandings we have seen in the field about the policy. POSTPONED The Center is working with Trout Unlimited to set up some potential trainings about bankfull and the stream policy.  We are postponing this webinar until later this summer after those details have been finalized.

Past Webinars

Located here are all of the past webinars along with links to their respective presentations (if applicable).

2017 Past Webinars

  • December 12 - Annual Summary Report Refresher
  • April 18 - CD Replenishments and Direct Deposit
  • April 13 - Overview of Admin Manual Changes
  • March 17 - Project Sharing Session Highlights
  • February 14 - 2016 Annual Summary Report Review
  • January 31 - Worksite Assessment Overview
  • January 17 - CD Education and Outreach Ideas