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Stream Crossing Document Review

Since the DGLVR funding increase in 2014, the number of stream crossing replacements funded by the Program has increase from virtually none, to roughly 100 per year. The pace of these projects has exceeded expectation, and has also exceeded the Program’s ability to provide technical assistance and guidance about proper installation. The Center and SCC have been working on several documents, including a Program Standard, Program Policy and a Technical Manual, to provide guidance for funding stream crossing replacements funded by the DGLVR Program. The documents have gone through several reviews by DGLVR advisory workgroups that include staff from ~15 conservation districts as well as representatives from cooperating agencies such as TU, PAFBC, and more. The purpose of this webpage is to provide a platform for reviewing these stream crossing documents.

Review Process

The three documents below (Policy, Standard, and Technical Manual) are available for review through January 31, 2022. The documents are being provided in PDF format with line numbers, and we are asking that comments and suggestions be submitted by line number using the Excel review/Comment form below. Using this Excel form will allow us to sort comments by line number and address them collectively in order. Please submit the comment sheet to Steve at by 1/31/2022.

Additional Resources

  • 1/13 Stream Crossing Documents Q&A Webinar: This webinar had minimal presentation from the CDGRS or SCC, instead focusing on providing an opportunity for CDs to ask questions and provide direct feedback on the proposed new Stream Crossing Documents (Policy, Standard, and Technical Manual). Those documents are currently out for review by CDs and others through the end of January, and we hope this opportunity to ask questions and interact directly with CDGRS and SCC staff will assist in the review process.
  • 12/13 Recorded Webinar: Background, purpose, and overview of the documents and the review process.
  • Document Overview (121 KB): “Big Picture” overview of documents and attachments
  • Review/Comment Form (13.8 KB): Excel form to provide comments and feedback on specific items

Document Links

  • Policy (885 KB): Revision of Policy (Rewrite of Section 7.1 of DGLVR Administrative Manual)
  • Standard (362 KB): NEW “DGLVR Stream Crossing Design & Installation Standard” that is to be followed for installing replacement structures
  • Manual (19 MB): NEW “Stream Crossing Replacement Technical Manual” containing detailed guidance