Printed Newsletter Archive

The complete archive of the printed "The Dirt and Gravel Roads Gazette" newsletters released by the Center.


  • Winter (726 KB): Special Edition - "Funding Newsletter" to Conservation Districts - Center's detailed document for Conservation Districts on the funding increase and the potential changes it will bring to the Program.

  • Spring (1.11 MB): Funding Update, Program Coordinator Vacancy, Karl Mason Award to Center, Phasing Projects, Defining "Eligible" Entities, 2012 Annual Summary Report Insert, 2013 Maintenance Workshop Registration Flyer Insert.


  • Winter (1.24 MB): Program Funding Update, 2013 Workshop, New Resources, Other Center Activities, New-Hire District to Dirt and Gravel Road Program Insert.

  • Fall (1.24 MB): 2012 Workshop wrap-up; ESM Field Guide availability, Program Funding, DSA changes for Forestry. PA Road Aggregate 101 insert.

  • Summer (2.11 MB): Trail Surface Aggregate; Geosynthetically Reinforced Soil(GRS) for Bridges, Aquatic Organism Passage. 2011 Program Summary Report: Program’s 15th Anniversary Insert.

  • Spring (868 KB): Director change at the Center; miscellaneous news; Skype the Center, website visitor trends. Allegheny National Forest Research Summary Insert.


  • Fall (1.58 MB): Program Funding, Workshop wrap-up, Matt Beaver receives "Bud Byron Award", Center activities outside PA. Tannery Road Worksite In Focus Insert.

  • Summer (1.17 MB): An in-depth look at current issues related to Driving Surface Aggregate. Workshop flyer and registration page as insert.

  • Spring (900 KB): Marcellus Watch, Program Funding, QAQC Return, Website Update, 2010 Program Summary Insert.

  • Winter (900 KB): Spotlight on the PA Bureau of Forestry's Dirt and Gravel Road Program (includes "Worksite in Focus" insert).


  • Summer (900 KB): Marcellus Shale issues; Other Center Activities; Program news updates.

  • Winter (450 KB): New Program Coordinator Karen Ely, To pave or not to pave, Conveyor belts, new replenishment forms, GIS status.


  • Fall (900 KB): Workshop Wrap-up, GIS implementaiton plan, QAQC, ARRA Stimulus, Allocations, ESM Field Guide.

  • Summer (1.4 MB): 2009 Program Coordinator Retires, Trail Mix, GIS update, QAQC, "Is it really DSA?"

  • Spring (413 KB): 2009 Workshop Announcement, Center move to LTI, Lawrence County Project Spotlight, other Center Activities.


  • Fall (163 KB): Workshop Wrap-up, Finishing Assessments, GIS Upgrade, QAQC, GIS Training.

  • Summer (423 KB): Workshop reminder, Assessment update, drop-inlets, PSATS convention, Oil and Gas Roads.

  • Spring (1 MB): Workshop announcement, ESM traiing Update, Assessment topics, and 2007 Program Summary page.

  • Winter (456 KB): A detailed look inside the Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies.


  • Fall (287 KB): Workshop wrapup and a perspective on the first ten years of the program.

  • Spring (109 KB): The Driving Surface Aggregate newsletter including PennDOT's DSA aproval and Question and Answer forum.


  • Summer (109 KB): Topics include Maintenance workshop wrap-up, pipes through the bank, and QAQC update.

  • Spring (84 KB) Topics include the 2005 Maintenance Workshop, ESM training, and alternative fill materials.

  • Winter (148 KB): Topics include ESM training requirements, removal of leaves, and a welcome to Dave Shearer.


  • Fall (128 KB): Topics include DSA certification and an update on QA/QC.

  • Spring (155 KB): Topics include the 2004 Maintenance Workshop, drainage principles, an update on QA/QC, and a "little Creamer".

  • Winter (156 KB): Topics include the 2004 Maintenance Workshop photo contest, an update on QA/QC, and a tribute to Phil Dux.


  • December (201 KB): Topics include a possible gas tax increase and the 2004 Maintenance Workshop.

  • June (867 KB): Topics include an introduction to the QA/QC initiative and the arrival of Mike Klimkos at the State Conservation Commission.


  • April (867 KB): Topics include the 2002 Maintenance Workshop, the problem with dust, and monitoring of dirt and gravel road runoff.


  • August (101 KB): Topics include approval of DSA standards, results of the aggregate survey, arrival of a Transportation Enhancement grant, and two new members of the Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies.

  • May (107 KB): Topics include the winter workshop, the Bud Byron Award, advisory committee formation, and Driving Surface Aggregate specifications.

  • March (91 KB): Topics include a welcome, the formation of the Center, the Trout Unlimited task force, and cooperation within the program.