Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC)

The Program's Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) process is a joint effort between Program, Center, and DEP staff to assess the functionality the Dirt and Gravel Road Program within individual Conservation Districts. The process involves a full-day visit to each district with the majority of the time being spent visiting projects in the field. The purpose of the visit is to identify areas for improvement within the District and the Program, and to share successful strategies between Districts.


The QA/QC effort visits individual conservation districts to assess their implementation of the Dirt, Gravel, and Low Volume Road Maintenance Program. The two-day visit is conducted by SCC, Center, and DEP staff and focuses on areas of administration, functionality, and project implementation. The following is an outline of what to expect for a typical QA/QC visit. More details can be found in the reference documents below.

Before QA/QC visit

  • The QA/QC team will contact several townships in the county for phone interviews.

  • The District will be asked to submit several administrative and project files.

  • Your DEP field rep will conduct an preliminary check on Program Administration.

During the QA/QC visit (Day 1)

  • QA/QC team will interview any QAB and staff involved in the Program.

  • QA/QC team will seek to answer any administrative questions from pre-visit.

  • QA/QC team will accompany District Staff to visit at least 2-3 completed field sites.

  • QAQC team will prepare a draft report.

During the QA/QC visit (Day 2)

  • QA/QC team will present draft report and conduct an exit interview ~10am

After the QA/QC Visit

  • District will have two weeks to respond to draft report.

  • SCC will incorporate District comments into final report.

QA/QC Resources

  • QA/QC Documents (52.6 KB): Brief overview of the Program's QA/QC effort that visits individual conservation districts to evaluate the effectiveness of the Program in each county.

  • Letter to Districts (83.3 KB): Includes explanation letter, what to expect, agenda, and QA/QC expectations

  • Adminstrative Checklist (24.3 KB): Checklist for Program Administration.

  • Municipal Questions (173 KB): Pre-visit phone questions asked to municipalities.

  • QAB / Staff Questions (250 KB): Questions asked during QAB and staff interviews.

  • Project Evaluation (83.4 KB): Form to summarize project site visit.

  • Contract File Checklist (100 KB): A checklist of the items that should be included in a projects contract hard file.

  • Project Narrative (189 KB): Form to describe problems being addressed along with a project summary for a given contract.

  • Project Timeline (44.7 KB): Form to record various payment/date information for a given contract.