Gravel Road

SCC Meetings and Calls

Welcome. The PA State Conservation Commission Meetings are now in a hybrid format. You can attend the meeting in person in Conference Room 309 at the Agriculture Building. If you are unable to attend, the PSU Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies will be using Penn State’s Zoom Webinar System to host the call.

State Conservation Commission Meeting (January 18 @ 1pm)

Please click the link below to join the SCC Meeting/Call Webinar:

  • Link:
    • Webinar ID: 984 2501 3820
    • Passcode: None
  • Phone Audio: 301-715-8592 (Audio available through computer.  Phone only needed if computer audio is unavailable to you)

Details: You do not need to “sign up” to log-in to the webinar. You will be asked for your name and e-mail. For your name, please put first and last name, followed by an abbreviation for your affiliation. This will help the event organizer to identify people. We do NOT plan to use video as it takes up a lot of bandwidth, but will make use of screen-sharing for showing presentations and/or walking through the agenda items. The meeting will be recorded.

Attendees: Feel free to log-in to the webinar beginning at time provided above. Attendees will be muted by default to eliminate background noise. Attendees will be able to chat and ask typed questions using the zoom tools, and can request to be unmuted if they need to speak.

SCC Members, Staff, and Presenters: Please try to log on 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to test your audio setup. When you first join, you will be a “participant”, and you will be able to hear conversations, but you will be muted. You will then be promoted to a “panelist” for the practice session, where you can unmute and mute yourself as needed.

Documents for SCC Meeting/Call:

All documents are in Adobe pdf format unless otherwise noted. Agenda packet will be available here when finalized