Stream Crossing Replacements

The replacement of stream crossing has been a growing component of many DGLVR projects since program funding increased in 2014. The Program focuses funding on structures that are creating environmental impacts because they are undersized for the stream channel. Undersized structures create a variety of environmental and maintenance problems such as gravel deposition, excessive erosion, flooding, and creating a barrier to the movement of fish and other aquatic organisms. In May of 2022, the SCC approved a new policy, standard, and technical manual, related to stream crossing replacements. These documents are not effective until July 1, 2022. Contracts signed before July 1, 2022 must follow previous policies.  Drafts of the approved documents can be found at the link below. This page will be updated with final documents before the end of June.

  • DGLVR Stream Crossing Documents effective 7/1/22 (4.76 MB): The Policy, Standard, and Technical Manual as presented to the SCC for approval on 5/10. Note that we are working on “cleaning up” and checked these documents. Final copies will be posted here and printed copies will be sent to Conservation Districts.

Note the information below pertains to the current policy that is effective through June 30, 2022. This webpage will be changed to reflect the new documents once they are effective.

DGLVR Policy Documents

CDGRS Reference Information

  • Technical Bulletins
    • Bankfull Guidance (4.9 MB): A guide to determining bankfull widths for streams in Pennsylvania.
    • Structure Selection for Stream Crossings (893 KB):  An overview of the “pros and cons” of the most commonly used structures in Pennsylvania.. To improve decision making when selecting structures for road stream crossings, to reduce maintenance, improve stream continuity, and increase longevity of the new crossing. (5/20)
    • Check back soon, more bulletins in the works
  • DEP Clarification Memo (122 KB): Memo issued on 4/20/20 regarding DGLVR funded GP 11 permits.  Includes clarification on the ability to realign structures with the natural channel and allowing road elevation adjustments over the new structure.
  • GP11 DEP Cover Letter (15.2 KB): OPTIONAL cover letter when applying for GP11 that references both the DGLVR Program and the above Clarification Memo for permit review. This document is in Microsoft Word docx format.
  • Stream Crossing Boot Camp: Reference information, including all presentations given at the 3-day CDGRS Stream Crossing boot camp training.
  • Recorded Webinars: A link to the “Past Webinars” page that includes recordings and the PowerPoint for several stream crossing presentations
    • 5/7/20: Introduction and review of Structure Selection Technical Bulletin
    • 4/9/20: Introduction and review of Bankfull Guidance Technical Bulletin
    • 4/2/20: Review of “DEP Clarification Memo” regarding GP11s for the DGLVR Program

External Reference Information