CDGRS Annual Calendar

The Center's Annual Calendar is comprised of photos obtained from a contest run during our Annual Workshop. Workshop attendees were invited to submit photos of their best project photos. Entries were voted on at the workshop and the winner received the privilege of being featured as the cover of our 2018 calendar. The types of photos for the contest were of good roads, bad roads, best management practices, road/stream interface, etc. There were two categories, Dirt and Gravel Road and Low Volume, with the winner of each also receiving a Brinno time-lapse camera.

Each of the photos is accompanied by descriptions of the projects, including what the original road issues were as well as how they were tackled. Also included with the calendar are relevant events related to the Center.

You can download the latest calendar below. Note that it is best printed with an 11"x17" capable printer. 

  • 2018 Calendar (27.6 MB): The 2018 calendar featuring entries from this contest as well as photos from this year's workshop.
  • 2018 Calendar Memo: A thank you letter that accompanied the printed calendar handed out by the Center. Coming Soon

Past Calendars