Gravel Road

Past Research

Research projects and Master’s Thesis completed through the Center.

ANF Sediment Quantification Study

  • Completed March 2012 through US Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory; and US Forest Service, Northern Research Station

  • Quantification of sediment production from 14 shallow oil well access road in the Allegheny National Forest. Includes testing on 4 of the 14 sites after new aggregate placement.

Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG)

  • Completed December 2009 - USDA grant in cooperation with Mifflin County

  • Implementation and sediment monitoring for several ESM practices pm farm lanes in Mifflin County.

Effect of Road Dust on Forest Soils and Roadside Vegetation

  • Completed July 2009

  • Quantification the effect of dust from native surface and limestone roads on the soil chemistry and vegetation along forest roads in Central Pennsylvania.

Chesapeake Bay Commission (CBC) Sediment Reduction Study

  • Completed June 2008 - through Chesapeake Bay Commission and PA DEP

  • Quantification of sediment reductions from several ESM practices advocated by the Program including Driving Surface Aggregate, additional drainage outlets, grade breaks, raising the road, and berm removal.

Lebo Road Limestone / Sandstone Study (part of CBC study)

  • Completed June 2008 - through Pa Bureau of Forestry in conjunction with CBC project above

  • This study is in conjunction with the CBC study described above. The goal is to test both limestone and sandstone section of equivalent DSA in order to determine any performance or sediment generation difference cause by the type of parent material used for DSA. Results for this study are part of the CBC report above.

Crowfield Road Aggregate Study

  • Completed 2007 - through PA Bureau of Forestry

  • The commonly used road surface aggregates 2A, 2RC, and Driving Surface Aggregate were placed side-by-side using by both tailgating and use of a paver on Crowfield Road in Centre County. Changes in aggregate surface elevation and profiles were measured for three years after placement.

White Deer Creek Dust Palliative Study

  • Completed 2002 - through PA Bureau of Forestry

  • Several dust suppressants were applied to a section of White Deer Creek Road in Union County. The suppressants were monitored to determine the effectiveness of various treatments.