Gravel Road

Center's Trail Projects

A summary of upcoming and completed trails projects.

Upcoming Projects

  • Collaboration with Penn State Arboretum on their trail network.

Completed Projects

Galbraith Gap Trailhead Project

Galbraith Gap Trailhead was about 500-600 feet for the Rothrock trailhead parking up by Tussey. We used 4 different TSA mixes from 2 different quarries when we were developing the new mix. TSA was placed without a paver, using a skid steer and a bunch of guys with rakes. Crown and BBD's were all built by hand.

Galbraith Gap Trailhead Project

PSU Shaver's Creek Environmental Center

Shaver's Creek was about 900 ft. Much of which was through a wetland and situated on a French Mattress. Several pipes were also installed for drainage and aquatic organsim passage.

PSU Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center Trail

Penn State Altoona Campus Trail

Development of 1,200 feet of new trail on Penn State Altoona Campus in 2013. A French mattress is shown under construction below. Final trail surface was asphalt.

Penn State Altoona Campus Trail

Michaux State Forest ATV Trail

Rehabilitation of over a mile of badly eroded ATV trail. The image below shows fill being used to raise the elevation of the entrenched trail in order to provide trail drainage.

Michaux State Forest ATV Trail

Pine Creek Rail Trail

DCNR used a paver to place approximately 6 miles of TSA in May of 2012. Additional placements are planned on this 62 mile rail trail that goes from Wellsboro to Jersey Shore.

Pine Creek Rail Trail

Stone Valley Environmental Center

The Center completed oversight of the construction of approximately 1,000' of new trail at the Shaver's Creek Environmental Center in northern Huntingdon County in 2010. The ADA accessible trail involved drainage features such as broad-based dips, pipes, and french mattresses as well as the new Trail Surface Aggregate surface.

Stone Valley Project

Centre Furnace Mansion

The Center completed the oversight of construction for a 250' section of trail just off the University Park campus in State College in 2010. The trail involved the installation of several pipes and the use of Trail Surface Aggregate.

Centre Furnace Mansion Project