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Project Work

Course information for all project work based trainings will appear on this page.

Streambank Stabilization

The information below is from the Streambank Stabilization course given on February 25, 2021. The course provided a detailed and expanded look at options for streambank stabilization techniques that may be applicable to DGLVR projects.

Course Downloads

  • Webinar (229 MB): MP4 format  (~ 2 hours 20 minutes)

Presentation Downloads

Supporting Webinars

  • Project Detail Sheets: Overview of “Standard Detail Sheets” for commonly used ESM practices such as underdrain, French mattress, road fill, etc. that are available for CD use. It also demonstrated the DGLVR Materials Calculator. (4/2020)
  • Taking Better Project Photos: Tips and tricks to take more effective photos of DGLVR (and other) field projects to make more effective education and presentation material. (4/2018)

Road Fill

The information below is for the 2 hour course given on May 20, 2021. The course provided a detailed and expanded look at the use of road fill in the DGLVR program to fill entrenched roads and make base improvements.  It also includes a walkthrough of the optional “request for quote” for potential use in road fill projects.

Course Downloads

  • Webinar (196 MB): MP4 format  (~ 1 hour 44 minutes)

Presentation Downloads