Stream Crossings

After the success of the two held last year, we are planning on a Stream Crossing Boot Camp for late July this year.  This Boot Camp is for Conservation District staff and will cover a wide variety of topics related to stream crossing replacements through the DGLVR Program.  We have had to make some modifications to traditional three-day class/field format to maximize safety, namely it will be a hybrid of remote “class time” and a single full day of field visits.


Supporting Webinars

  • Shavers Creek 11’ Bottomless Arch Pipe Walkthrough: Virtual walkthrough of the project including planning and design, and photo and time-lapse overview of installation. (3/2021)
  • Stream Crossings: The Good, The Bad, and The “In-Between”: Review of a wide variety of stream crossings, common issues, and lessons learned, from QAQCs from 2018 through 2020. (2/2021)
  • Structure Selection Technical Bulletin: Introduction and walkthrough of a new “structure selection” technical bulletin. (5/2020)
  • New Stream Crossing Bulletins: Bankfull Guidance: Introduction and walkthrough of a new “bankfull guidance” technical bulletin. (4/2020)
  • DEP GP11 Clarification Memo: DEP provided a clarification memo pertaining to GP11s for the DGLVR Program. DEP Central office participated in this webinar as well. (4/2020)

Timelapse Videos

Scare Pond Road Pipe Installation

Shaver Creek Road Pipe Installation (Upstream)

Shaver Creek Road Pipe Installation (Downstream)


These sessions are free to Conservation Districts and DEP staff, although registration is required to make sure we have adequate space and lunches. If you have any questions please call Kathy Moir at 814-865-5355 for registration assistance.

No Current Training Dates