Streams/Chapter 93 Toggle

This button toggles the symbology of the streams layer from single blue line to a color range highlighting PA's Chaper 93 Water Quality Standards. This enables the user to view the designated use for each stream as defined by Chapter 93.

To toggle between the two symbologies, click the Streams/Chapter 93 Toggle button. If the streams layer is turned off, this button will turn the streams layer on and preserve its last used symbology. If the streams layer was already on, then the symbology will change. To change the symbology back, simply click the Streams/Chapter 93 Toggle button again.

Streams Layer Differences

The default symbology for the "Streams" layer is a blue line.

The default symbology for the "Chapter 93" layer is displayed by clicking its Legend (Legend button) button. The categories represented in this layer are:

  • Cold Water Fishes (Cold Water Fishes)
  • Exceptional Value Waters (Exceptional Value Waters)
  • High Quality Waters (High Quality Waters)
  • Trout Stocking (Trout Stocking)
  • Warm Water Fishes (Warm Water Fishes)

Below are examples of the "Streams" (left) and "Chapter 93" (right) layers symbologies.